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Welcome to the Official Shield Cat Wiki!

On this wiki, you'll find all sorts of information about Shield Cat.

About Shield Cat

Shield Cat is a game being created by Roxy in Gamemaker Studio 2.

Main Characters

Below are pictures of the main characters of Shield Cat. Click one of them to learn more about them.


There are a variety of locations in the Cat Kingdom. Please see Category:Locations.

In the future there will be pictures of the different locations, but those don't exist currently.


There are 6 major dungeons in Shield Cat. You must clear each one and defeat its boss in order to beat the game. Below is a table of each dungeon and its corresponding boss.

  Dungeon Name Dungeon Boss
Level 1 Roo Express Parker
Level 2 Underground Forest Suzette
Level 3 Marine Exhibit Ruby
Level 4 Mt. Bophades Trent
Level 5 Sky Cat Airship Fleet Olivia
Level 6 Cat Castle Claire

Running the Game

The following pages will describe how to download and run the game.

If you find any bugs, please report them using the Shield Cat Forum Page but please make sure your bug is not already known by checking here.

If you have suggestions for the game, please post them to the above forum, but also check the Suggestions and Upcoming Features page here.

Please be sure you're running the latest build of the game before reporting bugs or requesting features! The game will automatically let you know if you're running an older version or not on startup.

Shield Cat Lore


Technical Details

Warning! The information detailed on these pages may not be in the present build, and are currently being implemented. Features may be added or removed without notice.

These pages have technical details about the game.

About This Wiki

The Shield Cat Wiki is maintained solely by Roxy. Please visit my page there for more info about me and contact information, thanks.


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