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Leopard Gecko
012919 Suzette.jpg
Age 25
Species Leopard Gecko, Metamagicia
Birthday January 29th
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
Height 5'3"(160)
Orientation Pan
Job Knights of the Shield Cats, Keeper of the Underground Forest
Friends Olivia, Parker
Enemies None
Favorite Music Jazz, Piano
Character Traits Enjoys quiet and solitude.

Suzette is one of the main characters of Shield Cat. She is a Leopard Gecko as well as a Metamagicia.

Color Palette

HTML Code Color Description
#F9D497   Primary Skin Color, Buttons and Belt Buckle
#CC8B4A   Secondary Skin Color
#FFF1DB   Skin Highlight Color
#2E522D   Jacket, Shoes
#2E2E2E   Secondary Clothing Color


Suzette is a quiet one who likes to keep to herself. She considers herself a sort of geologist, and likes to study rocks, stones, and the earth in general. She is very interested in the concept of Hardened Magic, and rocks are some of the hardest magic there is.

In order to be able to study different things in different locations, she joined the Knights of the Shield Cats. She was put in charge of the Underground Forest, which has plenty of Hard Magic available to study. She lives there works there, holding tours of the Underground Forest and the fascinating flora and fauna that exists there, as well as the unique structures.

Suzette is friends with Parker and Olivia. Parker and Suzette share an interest in calm music, and used to hang out and share new music they found. However, she hasn't seen much of Parker since they started running the Roo Express, as Suzette does not like to travel much. Olivia likes to hang out with Suzette because of Suzette's ability to create, pick up, and throw heavy boulders. Olivia thinks this is "cool as heck" and admires Suzette's raw strength.


Suzette doesn't just study rocks. Her powers allow her to manipulate the earth. She can summon rocks out of thin air and use them in combat, or change the structure of the earth with ease. She is also able to walk along the walls and ceiling, regardless of gravity.


Suzette is located in the Underground Forest.


Plot details and/or spoilers follow. Do not read if you do not wish to be spoiled on story elements!

After Lance believes that Suzette has become a member of the Betrayers of the Throne, he goes to the Underground Forest to ask her what's going on. He finds that the forest is closed, but enters anyways.

Suzette has transformed it into such a different shape, and Lance must make his way through what is now a complex dungeon.


  • Suzette's color scheme is based off the French dessert "Crêpes Suzette," though her name is not. She just came to me one day and when I went home I drew her. When I was trying to figure out colors, I looked up her name and found out about the dessert. It all worked out, with her being a Leopard Gecko.


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