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Metamagic is the name given to a powerful kind of magic, more powerful than conventional magic or psychic abilities, that is highly expandable. Unlike conventional magic which is limited by certain rules (such as being able to create fire only on objects that can burn,) Metamagic can allow you to create fire on any surface, mix it with ice, and whatnot.


The Metamagic Core was created centuries ago by an unknown man. He used the most powerful magic and psychic powers available at the time to create Metamagic, which was more powerful than any known magic. However, he created this magic so that he can use it for his own evil purposes, and was struck down in battle before he could fully utilize it.

When the Metamagic Core was created, he managed to hide it far away in another galaxy, where it would use Void Travel to supply him and his warriors with powerful magic. However, when he was struck down, the secret was lost to everyone. On Earth, no one uses magic anymore, and it is lost to the ages.

Metamagic Core

The Metamagic Core is the source of all Metamagic. After its creator was lost, the Core eventually became aware of its surroundings. It knew that people would wish to come and use its powers for great and terrible purposes, so sought to protect itself. In order to do this, it surrounded itself with earth, grass, trees, rivers, and oceans - vague recollections of what it recalled about Earth, and created the Metamagicia. However, everything was still made of magic.

The Metamagicia were created to live on the surface of the planet the Core had created, and to guard it from intruders and people who would use the powerful magic for any purpose.

Hardened and Fluid Magic

There are two types of Metamagic: Hardened and Fluid magic.

Hardened magic is what the stones, bricks, mountains, and whatnot are made of. Generally, anything that's not "alive" is made of hardened magic.

Fluid magic is what Metamagicia are made of, but can also be found in water, trees, and even the air.

Receiving Magic

Metamagicia and people who use Metamagic receive magic from the Metamagic Core at a fixed rate. With practice, they can receive more magic from the core, but they'll be required to use the excess magic more regularly or risk becoming unstable. Many Metamagicia instead prefer not to use much magic at all.

Magic can be delivered anywhere a Metamagician is, through Void Travel, across time and dimensions. However, the further you are away from the Metamagic core, the less magic you'll be able to receive from it.

Someone who merely uses Metamagic who is cut off from it will simply be unable to use Metamagic. However, if a Metamagicia is cut off from the source somehow, it can mean death. Metamagicia require a regular flow of magic to and from the Core, or expelled around them. A Metamagicia could eat and turn that into magic energy, and then expel this energy through magical exertion, but this is not an optimal way to live.


The Metamagicia are a race of people originating from the Metamagic Core. They are created entirely of Metamagic Energy, and take on the form of humanoid animals. The Metamagic Core had vague recollections of Earth, and created its protectors in the image of what it could remember. Humans, animals, but was there a difference between them?

Most (but not all) Metamagicia are humanoids with animal features. They are sentient creatures who live their lives independent of the Metamagic Core. However, they are extensions of the Core, which means that they are born from the Core itself, and when they die, their magic is returned to the Core.

Species and Gender

Metamagicia can be a combination of any kind of animal species in a more or less humanoid body, and can be any gender. Metamagicia will generally take after the traits of their parents, but this isn't always guaranteed. For instance, the child of a Fox-like Metamagicia and a Deer-like Metamagicia may take on the traits of either fox or deer, both, or something else. For instance, if the Deer-like parent had a parent who was a Rabbit-like, then the child may take on rabbit traits instead.

Metamagicia can be assigned any kind of species or gender at birth, based on what the Metamagic Core remembers about Earth species. However, they can change their outward species or gender later on using a specific form of Shapeshifting over time. Some will be able to do it with ease, while others will have to be trained on how to do it.


Metamagicia have many abilities at their disposal. However, not all Metamagicia can use all abilities, and many of them simply aren't interested and would rather just live out their lives not using any kind of magic.

Metamagicia can have many abilities, such as the ability to fly, to transfigure objects into other objects, etc. Some of the major abilities are detailed below.

Metamagic abilities are split into two groups: active and passive. Active abilities are things that a Metamagician does, like making a fire, or shooting a beam of magic. Passive abilities are something that is secondary, like flying or maintaining a shapeshift form. Different Metamagicia can have different active/passive abilities.


Since Metamagicia are created of pure magic energy, they can change their form. However, this requires concentration, and not everyone can do it. A Metamagicia can take on a different temporary form, which will be broken if they lose concentration or take a lot of damage, and they'll be returned to their "natural" form. Some Metamagicia specialize in this, and are able to change part of or all of their body with relative ease.

Over time, however, a Metamagicia can change their "natural" form altogether, and it will not require any extra magic or concentration to keep this form - it will be their base form from now on. Metamagicia can use this ability to change their species or gender if they realize later on that they just don't feel right in their natural bodies.

Metamagicia can also use this ability to change into other animals or species from other planets.

When a Metamagicia is using magic to maintain an alternate form, they have less magic available for other tasks. Therefore, a Metamagicia who is not in their "natural" form may be less powerful then they could be using other abilities simultaneously.

Interdimensional Travel

Some powerful Metamagicia are said to be able to traverse different universes and dimensions. However, the further away they get from the Metamagic Core, the less they are able to receive magic from it. Therefore, these types of people usually just explore the stars beyond and see what other worlds are out there.

Some are even said to be able to travel through time, though this also puts them further away from the Metamagic Core. They will still receive magic relative to the time they traveled from, so they must be careful not to overlap. For instance, if they travel back in time and stay in the past for one year, they must return to the future one year after they initially traveled to the past. Otherwise, this can create a state where two instances of them are receiving magic from the core at the same time, which means that each of them will receive half the amount of magic they would have.

In alternate dimensions, Metamagicia can encounter Metamagic Cores from alternate dimensions. However, they are generally not able to utilize magic from this alternate core.


Metamagicia have an unconventional way of reproduction. It begins with 1 or more parents pooling a bit of their magic energy together into what will become a new Metamagicia. Then, one of the parents is selected to "store" the magic energy within themselves until it has formed into its own person. They can store the magic in their belly, evenly disperse it around their body, etc. However, they must protect this magic energy, as it is not yet able to protect itself. They must also be careful not to exert any of this magic as part of their regular magic exertion.

After a certain amount of time, the magic energy stored will be assigned a form by the Metamagic Core, and will become a Baby Metamagicia. This child will receive magic from the Metamagic Core at a gradual rate, as well as learn about the world and various other things, until eventually they become an Adult Metamagicia. Then, they can participate in this process, and create even more Metamagicia.

Life Span

A Metamagicia is able to live for as long as they are able to maintain their form. However, with age, this becomes more difficult.

For example, a Metamagicia who doesn't use a lot of magic across their life can eventually "stop" and become Hardened. They are now a solid form of Metamagic, and are no longer "alive." Hardened Metamagicia can be set up as statues to commemorate their lives, but the magic that kept them alive goes back to the Metamagic Core.

A Metamagicia who uses a lot of magic through their life can eventually become unstable. The more they use magic and the more powerful it is, the more it takes effect on them, gradually making them unstable to the point that they're no longer able to maintain their form at all. At this point, the Metamagicia will simply fade away and return to the Metamagic Core.

Destroying a Metamagician

It is difficult to destroy a Metamagicia, since they are created entirely of magic. If you were to harm one and, say, cut off one of their limbs, they can simply regrow it or call the magic of the severed limb back to their body.

However, being made of Metamagic can be an edge but also a disadvantage. For example, if one overloaded a Metamagicia with excess Metamagic, they could become unstable and fade away into nothing. Or, if they manage to sever the connection between the Metamagicia and the Metamagic Core, they will not be able to receive new magic, and will eventually Harden.

Putting a Metamagicia in a situation where they must use more magic then they are used to can also cause them to become unstable.

Eating and Drinking

Metamagicia can eat any form of Hardened or Fluid Magic and convert it to Metamagic inside their own bodies. However, some magic is harder to convert then others, so it is best to stick to certain malleable things such as fruit and whatnot, then say, rocks and stones.

Metamagicia can eat things from other planets and convert them to Metamagic in their own bodies, but this isn't as easy and therefore generally isn't recommended except in extreme cases.

A Metamagicia who has excess magic stored up in their body can choose to release it in a number of ways, either through performing various acts of magic, or through other means (I think you know what I'm talking about.) Someone who eats too much (or indeed stores up excess magical energy received from the core) can "gain weight," which is really just excess magical energy.


There is no religion on the Metamagic planet. All Metamagicia know how they were created, and why. All Metamagicia know about the Metamagic core, and all Metamagicia know that, when they die, they will be returned to the Metamagic Core.

Users of Metamagic

Metamagicia are created entirely of Metamagic, and so can utilize the various abilities therein. Other species can also utilize Metamagic, but they will slowly become more and more magic themselves. Their children will be more Metamagic than the previous generation, until they, too, are Metamagic. They'll also take on the humanoid-animal characteristics of standard Metamagicia.

A similar thing will happen to outsiders who choose to live on the Metamagic Core. They will be directly influenced by the magic around them, and will slowly become more Metamagicia the longer they live on the planet and the more they utilize Metamagic.