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If you're looking for Roxy who is making the game, see User:Roxy.
013019 Roxy.png
Age Unknown
Species Primary: Fox/Rabbit, Metamagicia. Uses many forms, see Abilities.
Birthday September 16th
Gender Trans Female
Pronouns She/Her
Height 5'4"(163cm)
Orientation Unknown
Job None
Friends None
Enemies None
Favorite Music Eurobeat
Character Traits Very powerful Metamagician.

Roxy is an optional boss in Shield Cat. She is a Metamagicia who is able to use many different powers.

Color Palette

Cream Rabbit form

HTML Code Color Description
#CC6956   Fur Color
#F6D9C5   Fur Highlight
#6F182A   Hair
#D8A05C   Jacket Buttons
#3A4234   Jacket
#423538   Leggings, Fingerless Gloves

Cool Cinnamon form

Coming soon!

Chocolate Mint form

Coming soon!

Fox Squirrel form

Coming soon!


Since she was young, Roxy had a powerful way with Metamagic. This power lead many to be afraid of her, and she was shunned from many communities. Now, she lives by herself under a tree by the ocean. However, she did not stop practicing magic.

Eventually, the Metamagic Core, seeing Roxy's finesse with such power, bestowed on her the true power of Metamagic. Roxy now spends time travelling across time, space, and dimensions, visiting other worlds and seeing what's out there - on behalf of the Core, who can't do these things itself.


Roxy has the power of Interdimensional Travel, allowing her to cross different dimensions and travel to different times. She also has the ability to Shapeshift, allowing her to change her #Forms immediately and at any time.


Roxy uses many forms, both in battle and outside of it, but the following are her preferred forms.

Orange Cream

In her standard form, Roxy is a cream colored rabbit fox. She uses teleportation to move around the field, firing projectiles from different areas. She can also create illusionary copies of herself, which will also attack.

Cool Cinnamon

In this form, Roxy becomes a large red fox. She uses her large claws for melee attacks, swiping at her enemies and sometimes punching them. She can also grab chunks of earth and use them to attack.

Chocolate Mint

In this form, Roxy becomes a chocolate colored rabbit fox, with mint green hair. Here, she prefers melee attacks with her feet. She'll kick her enemies, or use her legs to jump off walls into a kick toward her opponent.

Fox Squirrel

In this form, Roxy becomes an orange and tan fox squirrel. She prefers to fly around, never touching the ground, and firing lasers all around the room. She also moves very quickly, and can use her speed to avoid attacks.


Roxy is located by the ocean just outside of the Deep Woods, on the westernmost part of the Cat Kingdom. Her house is underground, located beneath a tree. When she isn't home, the location is guarded with powerful magic.


Plot details and/or spoilers follow. Do not read if you do not wish to be spoiled on story elements!

When Lance is exploring the Deep Woods, he gets lost and comes out on the farthest part of the west side of the Cat Kingdom, by the ocean. Hidden away here, he finds Roxy's home. Roxy challenges him to a friendly duel, which he accepts. Then, Roxy uses her magic to take the pair away, as she does not want to "fight right in front of my house."


  • Roxy is just my fursona. She's included in the game because I always thought it'd be cool to include myself in my game as a boss since I was young, and never let go of that idea.
  • Non-Shield Cat related facts about Roxy are not included in the scope of this page.