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060719 Trent.jpeg
Age 23
Species Fox, Metamagicia
Birthday June 28th
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Height 5'9"(175cm)
Orientation Pan (Male pref)
Job Knights of the Shield Cats
Friends Olivia, Lance, Ruby
Enemies None
Favorite Music EDM, Dubstep
Character Traits Loves showing off, makes huge displays of his powers, always confident.

Trent is one of the main characters of Shield Cat. He is a Fox as well as a Metamagicia.

Color Palette

HTML Code Color Description
#264963   Fur Color
#748593   Fur Highlight Color
#252525   Undershirt, Belt, Pants
#D5AD58   Buckle, Buttons, Arm Bands, Boots
#883E27   Outer Shirt, Boots
#4EDDFF   Hair
#FF8031   Nose, Eyes, Inner Ears, Tail


Trent is a huge showoff. He says he joined the Knights of the Shield Cats to protect people, and he does, but mainly it was just so he could use his powers and make everyone think that he's really cool.

Really though, Trent is about practical jokes. Lance and him caused some mischief in school, but Lance would go on to become more responsible for his actions. Trent, however, thinks that's "boring" and continues making mischief.

Unlike other Metamagicia who keep their raw magic energy hidden behind a layer of "skin," Trent prefers to let his magical energy show. His tail, though solid enough, is visibly made of magic. His hair, eyes, nose, and inner ears also visibly show this - and yes, he does glow in the dark.


Trent has control over fire and ice, an ability that he uses to create his dungeon, and also that he uses in combat. He'll freeze his enemies, and then burn them for extra damage.


Trent is located in Mt. Bophades, where he has transformed the volcanic insides to create a sort of ice/fire dungeon, in which he resides. He did this because it's "absolutely wicked looking."


Plot details and/or spoilers follow. Do not read if you do not wish to be spoiled on story elements!

After Claire and some of Lance's other friends show themselves as bad guys (including Trent,) Lance decides to figure out what's going on. His quest takes him up Mt. Bophades, which has been converted into a snow covered mountain by Trent and Olivia.

Lance forces his way through Trent's dungeon, until he makes it to Trent's Lair. He knows that's where he's at, because Trent greets him with "Welcome to my lair!"

After they fight, Trent loses. Trent tells Lance that he felt the influence of an unknown force making him extra mischievous, but wasn't sure what it was.


  • Trent was created several months before Shield Cat even existed, for a different purpose. I eventually decided to just put him in Shield Cat because I wasn't using him otherwise.


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