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Lance's abilities are split into two categories: Active and Passive. Active abilities are used in real time by the player, while Passive abilities are equipped and provide different stat boosts and passive abilities (like being able to see in the dark.)

In addition to these abilities, Lance can find Permanent Upgrades that will give him a permanent stat boost of some kind.

All of these abilities can be bought at shops using Pretty Petals, or found in the field. If Lance finds an ability he already owns, he can sell it to the shop for Pretty Petals. If Lance cannot carry any more of the item he finds, it will automatically be converted to Pretty Petals. However, this is not usually possible unless the save file is hacked.

Active Abilities

Lance's active abilities are used by pressing the Ability button. Each ability has different rules on how to use it, and there is also an Auto-Ability button to help with using the abilities. See the Controls for more information.

Lance can only have one active ability set at a time, and Lance can only use the ability if he has enough Magic available to do so. Upgrades can be equipped or unequipped, and do not cost any additional magic to use - you only have to have the upgrade available to you.

Active Abilities can grant passive effects whenever they are the active ability. These additional passives do not cost any extra to use - they are automatically active.

Ability Name Ability Number Magic Cost Ability Description Available Upgrades
Shield 1 45 Lance throws a shield in the direction he is facing. The shield will fly out a certain distance until it either strikes an enemy or returns to Lance. It does more damage on its way back to Lance, and will refund its magic cost if it successfully returns. You can only throw one shield at a time.
  • Homing: the shield will home in on the closest enemy or other targetable object.
  • Wave: the shield will travel in a zigzag line, making it easier to hit fast moving enemies.
  • Indestructible: the shield will not be destroyed on impact, but also will not refund the magic cost when it returns to Lance.
Passive - Defense Up: Lance gains additional defense against attacks.
Dagger 2 45 Lance will throw a dagger in the direction he is facing. The dagger will be more powerful depending on how long you wait between uses, though you can also use it in rapid succession. The dagger will travel forward through all terrain until it either hits an enemy or is no longer visible. You can only throw one dagger at a time.
  • Explosion: the dagger will explode on contact with an enemy, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Piercer: the dagger will travel through enemies, losing a level of power for each enemy it hits until it eventually disappears. If Explosions is equipped, it will explode on contact with each enemy.
  • Surplus: when the dagger hits an enemy, it will fire 4 new daggers diagonally at 1 level of power less for each time this happens.
Passive - On The Move: Lance's walking speed is increased.
Lance 3 45 Lance will throw a lance in the direction that he's facing. If the lance does not hit an enemy, it will "land" in a spot, hovering in midair. You can throw as many lances as you have enough magic for. Each time Lance spins, the lances will spin as well, up to 3 times. Then, they will disappear. Enemies will only take damage from a lance while it is spinning. Therefore, positioning is key. He can have up to 3 lances on screen at once, and they will disappear after a while.
  • Doubletime: the lances will disappear after 6 spins instead of 3.
  • Javelin: the thrown lance will travel through enemies and deal damage before it settles.
  • Grand Lance: each lance is larger than normal.
Passive - Immovable: Lance will not be knocked back as much from attacking enemies, nor from enemy attacks.
Fire 4 45 Lance will throw fire in the direction he is facing, damaging any enemy that comes in contact with it. He can also use this ability to light lanterns and whatnot, though the "Flame Tail" or "Lantern" Passive Abilities would be better suited toward exploration in dark spaces. Enemies can also be burned, causing them to take damage over time.
  • Flame On: if an enemy is nearby to an enemy hit by the fire, they will also receive damage.
  • Long Distance: allows Lance to throw the fire farther than normal.
  • Triple Flame: Lance will throw 3 flames instead of one.
Passive - Extra Sight: Lance will be able to see more in dark places.
Ice 5 45 Lance will throw a blast of cold energy, which will travel until it either hits an enemy, a wall, or is no longer visible. It can snuff out lanterns, and it also has a chance of freezing enemies in their tracks. Frozen enemies can be hit by Lance and sent into other enemies, or can be melted with the Fire ability for more damage. Lance can throw one blast at a time.
  • Chill Master: Ice magic will always freeze an enemy.
  • Ice Spreader: Lance will throw 3 blasts of cold energy instead of one.
  • Cool Blast: when an enemy is hit by ice, 4 more blasts of ice energy will fly off diagonally to further hit enemies.
Passive - Non-Slip Feet: Lance will not slip on ice.
Super Spin 6 60/second Similar to Lance's Tubular Twister attack, but more powerful. Lance will spin like a tornado and damage any enemy he comes in contact with. His spin is also not cancelled like it is with the Tubular Twister. He can also use the ability to travel faster than normal. The passive ability Distance Traveller will allow Lance to travel even faster while using this ability.
  • Ultra Spin: the radius in which Lance can hit enemies is widened even further.
  • Radical Spin: Lance will be able to move even faster while using this attack, without using additional magic.
  • Sure Footed: The speed at which Lance bounces off enemies is reduced.
Passive - Quick Attack: Lance's Spin Attack will carry him further than normal.
Air Dash 7 45 Lance will rapidly dash toward a position in front of him, passing through any enemies and deal damage to them. He can also get through narrow gaps over bottomless pits that he couldn't get through with his Tornado Twister, since the Air Dash will not bounce him off targets.
  • Distance Dash: Lance will travel a greater distance when he dashes.
  • Sharp Wind: This move does more damage to enemies.
  • Maneuverability: The player will be able to control the direction of the Air Dash while in the middle of a dash.
Passive - Floating: Lance is able to stay over pits and lava longer before he falls.
Boomerang 8 45 Lance will throw a boomerang, circling around him in a clockwise direction, passing through and dealing damage to any enemies it touches. It can only be stopped by terrain or by flying off the screen. Lance can use this ability to get targets which are around corners that his other abilities can't get to. If Lance manages to touch one of the thrown boomerangs, he can catch it to recover magic. Lance can only throw one boomerang at a time.
  • Doublerang: Lance will throw two boomerangs, one travelling clockwise, while the other travels counterclockwise.
  • Returner: after Lance throws the boomerangs, they will eventually return to him, restoring magic.
  • Center of Focus: Thrown boomerangs will always stay centered around Lance, rather than being centered around where they were thrown.
Passive - Slicer: Lance's spin attack will do more damage.

Passive Abilities

Lance can equip as many Passive Abilities as he desires. However, each Passive Ability will reduce his maximum Magic. So, if Lance has a maximum magic of 50, but he equips the Lantern ability (which costs 5) then he'll only have 45 Magic to use with active abilities. Therefore, it is not optimum to equip many Passive abilities as Lance will not be able to use Active Abilities at all.

Ability Name Ability Cost Ability Description
Tubular Twister 30/second When Lance spins, the player can choose to press the Attack button again. This will cause Lance to spin faster and faster. Lance can cover great distances this way, but his Magic will be gradually depleted. This is a special ability that cannot be unequipped.
Lantern 5 Allows Lance to be able to see around himself in dark places.
Survivor 35 Allows Lance to survive any attack with 1HP left. If he takes any further damage, you will receive a Game Over.
Healer 30 Lance will gradually recover HP, whether he's in battle or not.
Double Magic 30 Equipping this ability will give Lance double the amount of magic he'd normally have, but his maximum HP will be reduced by half*. You cannot equip this while Triple Magic is equipped.
Triple Magic 50 Equipping this ability will give Lance triple the amount of magic he'd normally have, but his maximum HP will be reduced to a quarter of what it normally is*. You cannot equip this while Double Magic is equipped.
Distance Traveler 20 Allows Lance to go even faster with his Tubular Twister ability. Does not affect the magic cost of using the Tubular Twister ability.
Magic Saver 50 All of Lance's active ability costs are halved.
Attack Up 30 Lance's attacks will be more powerful. Equip more to increase the effect.
Defense Up 30 Lance will take less damage from attacks. Equip more to increase the effect.
HP Up 30 Lance will gain more maximum HP. If Double Magic or Triple Magic is equipped, Lance will gain more HP, and then it will be halved or quartered respectively. Equip more to increase Lance's HP further.
Magic Up 40 Lance's maximum Magic will increase. If Double Magic or Triple Magic is equipped, Lance will gain more magic, and then it will be doubled or tripled respectively. Equip more to increase Lance's total Magic even further.
Lucky 30 Increases the chance that enemies will drop Pretty Petals. Equip more to increase the effect.
Magic Master 40 Allows Lance to recover Magic at a faster rate. Equip more to increase the effect.
Flame Tail 15 Allows Lance to use his tail to light lanterns, candles, and whatnot, whenever he spins. His damage to enemies is also increased slightly, and will also be able to see more in dark places while using the ability.
Infinite Spin 60 Allows Lance to use his Tubular Twister indefinitely, without consuming magic.
Double Ability 60 Any ability that only allows it to be used once while the ability is on screen will now allow you to use it twice instead.

* Special note about Double and Triple Magic: The calculation is done after all of Lance's other passive abilities have been calculated. That is to say, it is only done on the remainder of the magic that's to be used for active abilities.


When Lance gets an Upgrade, he will permanently receive the benefit provided by the upgrade.

Upgrade Name Upgrade Description
Attack Increase Permanently increases Lance's attack.
Defense Increase Permanent increases Lance's defense.
Magic Increase Permanently increases Lance's Magic Meter.
Health Increase Permanently increases Lance's HP.