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073019 Parker.jpeg
Age 21
Species Kangaroo/Deer, Metamagicia
Birthday June 7th
Gender Nonbinary
Pronouns They/Them
Height 6'0"(183cm)
Orientation Pan
Job Knights of the Shield Cats, Train Operator
Friends Lance, Suzette
Enemies None
Favorite Music Classical
Character Traits Loves trains, seeing new sights, and quiet evenings.

Parker is one of the main characters of Shield Cat. They are a Kangaroo/Deer hybrid, as well as a Metamagicia.

Color Pallete

HTML Code Color Description
#A04129   Fur Color
#EAA889   Fur Highlight Color
#372F2B   Clothes
#E7A648   Eyes, Hair, Buttons, Hat brim
#FCFCFC   Undershirt, Paws, Inner Ears


Parker is a member of the Knights of the Shield Cats. They joined so they could protect people. Since they were always interested in trains since being a little kid, they learned about how to drive trains and eventually became the operator of the Roo Express, which brings people all around the Cat Kingdom.

Parker is loved by many people, who consider them to be a generally friendly and caring person. They are friends with Lance, and they hang out a lot. They're also friends with Suzette, who also appreciates classical music and having quiet time. Since they started operating the Roo Express, they don't see Suzette as much as she doesn't like to travel, but they do see Lance a lot more, due to Lance's love for travel.


Parker has the ability to create portals, which they can jump through. It is a form of Dimensional Travel, but it is limited to nearby areas. Parker cannot cross into alternate dimensions.

Using this ability, they can create small portals through which projectiles fly out of. In combat, Parker usually sends train wheels and whatnot flying toward their enemies. They can also spin their tail to attack enemies.


Parker is usually found either at the Train Stations or aboard the Roo Express. There are a handful of Train Stations around the Cat Kingdom that the Roo Express stops at.


Plot details and/or spoilers follow. Do not read if you do not wish to be spoiled on story elements!

After Claire declares her ownership of the Cat Kingdom, Parker disappears entirely. The Roo Express does not show up at any stations, and nobody can find Parker at all.

Lance knows his friend though, and is eventually able to find one of Parker's magic portals in the forest that allows Lance to get on the train and, eventually, face Parker.

Parker reluctantly fights Lance, and loses. After losing to Lance, Parker comes to their senses, and comments about a mysterious force that was encouraging them to do bad things, so they stayed away from everyone so as to not hurt them.


  • Parker's name comes from the term "park keeper," though Parker keeps a train, not a park. It was also picked because it is gender neutral.
  • Parker was born female. However, they used shapeshifting magic to change their body some and eventually affirm their correct identity. Now they are neither male nor female.


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