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032419 Olivia.jpeg
Age 24
Species Cockatiel, Metamagicia
Birthday March 24th
Gender Trans Female
Pronouns She/Her
Height 6'0"(183cm) (excludes tail and hair spikes)
Orientation Pan (Female pref)
Job Knights of the Shield Cats, Commander of the Sky Cat Airship Fleet
Friends Trent, Ruby, Suzette
Enemies None
Favorite Music Heavy Metal
Character Traits Loves to fight, acts first and asks questions later.

Olivia is one of the main characters of Shield Cat. She is a Cockatiel as well as a Metamagicia

Color Palette

HTML Code Color Description
#FFFFFF   Feather Color
#F68C2E   Beak, Talons, Cheeks
#F9D66E   Feather Highlight Color, Buttons
#B44065   Jacket Color
#33B9D9   Eye Color


Olivia likes to fight, which is probably she joined the Knights of the Shield Cats, so she could go on adventures and participate in battle to protect the Cat Kingdom. Her skill in the air and her control over air gained her the position of Commander to the Sky Cat Airship Fleet, which is the kingdom's protection against aerial attacks.

Olivia is good friends with Trent, because they both like to get in trouble. However, unlike Trent, Olivia can sometimes take it too far. What starts as an innocent prank can end up with someone getting hurt. Her time in the Shield Cats however has tempered her some, and now she can control herself and only get into it with those who need getting into it with.

Olivia is also friends with Ruby. Olivia enjoys the sky and the ocean, while Ruby enjoys the lakes and rivers. Ruby also likes to make a little mischief. Olivia, however, absolutely cannot stand Ruby's taste in music, calling it "absolute garbage."

Additionally, Olivia is good friends with Suzette. Despite her rambunctious nature, Olivia has a bit of a soft side, and she and Suzette like to hang out and listen to piano, jazz, and other chill music. She also appreciates Suzette's ability to create, pick up, and throw heavy boulders, which she describes as "cool as heck." She does not, however, hang out with Suzette when she and Parker are hanging out. Olivia thinks that Parker is "pretty nice but an absolute wimp."


Olivia has supreme command of the air. She is able to fly incredibly fast, aided by her ability to manipulate the wind and the clouds. Using her powers, the wind is always in her favor and always against the enemy. She is also able to create and manipulate clouds and other vapor, allowing her to create fog to disguise her position and sneak attack her foe.

Speed is her greatest asset but can also be her weakness. Powerful wind magic from another Metamagicia could disrupt her flying, and she isn't as good in combat on the ground.


Olivia is usually on or around her airship, over the ocean. When she's not in the air, she has her ship docked at the airship docks of Mt. Bophades.


Plot details and/or spoilers follow. Do not read if you do not wish to be spoiled on story elements!

When Olivia seemingly joins the Betrayers of the Throne, Lance decides to visit her to see what's going on. Lance has difficulty, as he is a river otter and doesn't like swimming to sea. Additionally, even if he could swim out to sea, his target is in the air. However, he finds that Olivia is seemingly inviting him up, and he climbs a dungeon of clouds to get to her airships.


  • Olivia was born male. However, she was able to use Shapeshifting magic to change her body and eventually affirm her correct identity. She is not, however, able to use Shapeshifting magic in a general way.
  • Olivia's jacket is loosely based on harnesses that are used on real cockatiels.
  • Olivia's nickname is Ollie.


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