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File:111118_Lance.png|Concept art of Lance with a small shield.
File:111118_Lance.png|Concept art of Lance with a small shield.
File:110918_Lance.jpeg|Initial concept art of Lance.
File:110918_Lance.jpeg|Initial concept art of Lance.
File:lancesmug.png|Smug Lance
File:lancespin.gif|Lance using his Tubular Twister.
[[Category:Main Characters]]
[[Category:Main Characters]]

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060719 Lance.jpeg
Age 22
Species Otter/Cat, Metamagicia
Birthday November 9th
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Height 5'6"(166cm)
Orientation Pan
Job Knights of the Shield Cats
Friends Parker, Trent
Enemies None
Favorite Music Rock
Character Traits {{{traits}}}

Lance is the main character of the Shield Cat. He is an Otter/Cat hybrid and a Metamagicia.


Lance has several abilities at his disposal, including being able to spin as well as throw things. This page will detail all the abilities available to you.


Lance became a member of the Knights of the Shield Cats to be like his father, who also was a Knight. His father is a cat, and his mother is an otter. Lance used to be a troublemaker, but realized that it was more rewarding to help people. As a member of the Shield Cats, he can now help more people and also help protect the kingdom.


Lance lives in a house in the Castle Outskirts. Coming from a small town, he doesn't like the hustle and bustle of the big city, and prefers the countryside.


Plot details and/or spoilers follow. Do not read if you do not wish to be spoiled on story elements!

One day, Lance receives a mysterious message while he is sleeping, saying that Claire and her minions of seized the Cat Castle. He sets off immediately to the castle to find out what's going on. When he gets inside, he is greeted by Claire and several of his friends, who stand behind Claire while she declares that King King Cat The Cat is gone and now she is ruler. Lance tries to fight her, but loses.

Afterward, Lance decides to go on a quest to restore order, and to find out what happened to his friends and the other Shield Cats.


  • Lance keeps his hair stylish and cool, despite what his superiors say.
  • Lance originally started as a cat with a giant shield (this is also where the name Shield Cat originated from.)