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When you download a build of Shield Cat, it will be titled like this:

062619 Shield Cat Prototype - (Platform).zip

The first 6 numbers will tell you the month, date, and year that the build was made. The platform represents what system this build is intended for.

Remember, Shield Cat is DRM free! There is nothing stopping you from sharing it with friends and enemies - they may like it and wish to support me as well!

Downloading Shield Cat

Downloading the game depends on how you got the game in the first place. Please see the different scenarios below.


If you bought with an account

You can download the game and its updates from your Library page.

If you received it through Patreon

Make sure you've linked your Patreon account to by clicking here. You can also click there to be taken directly to the download page, or you can use the Library to download it and its updates.

If you bought it WITHOUT an account

You will have received an email on the email address you used when purchasing the game. Follow the link from there. Please note that you can create an account after purchasing the game, and link it to your library.

Installing Shield Cat

You do not need to install prototype builds using an installer. Instead, you can simply unzip them in any folder and then run them from that folder.

Below are different instructions for running the game on each platform it is supported on.

The Save Data location is given for each platform Shield Cat is on, but can also be revealed by going to the Options Menu in game and going to "Show Data Folder."


  • Shield Cat is supported on Windows 10. It should run on older versions of Windows, but this isn't guaranteed.
  • All versions of the Shield Cat Prototype use the same save data folder. You can find it at %localappdata%\Shield_Cat. If you're having trouble running the game, go there and delete any .ini files. The game will recreate them with defaults and should run.
  • You may get a warning about running untrustworthy code, or an unsigned app, or an app from an unknown publisher. Click "Run Anyways" or "Learn More" in order to run the game.


  • Shield Cat is known to work on Ubuntu and it's derivatives such as Xubuntu, GalliumOS, and Linux Mint. However, your Linux distribution must be 64bit. The game will not run on 32bit or ARM versions of Linux.
  • You should be able to get it to work on other versions of Linux such as Arch Linux.
  • If the game doesn't run or crashes immediately, you may need libcurl4 and libopenal1. You can use sudo apt-get install libcurl4 libopenal1 in a terminal window to install them (if you're using Ubuntu or something based on it.)
  • Save data is stored in ~/.config/Shield_Cat. If you're having trouble with the game, try deleting any .ini files. The game will recreate them with default values.
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